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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Show Brag

We are pleased to announce that our very own "Treasures Ragnar at Valar" owned, shown, and loved by Patti Chiaverini in New York is currently the #1 Bolonka in the USA and ranks #5 TOP Dog of all breeds showing ICKC to date. 

This is adult dog ranking; not puppy nor junior.  Ragnar is competing against many other breeds; adult dogs and champions and most importantly he is being shown by a  non-professional owner handler that is new to the breed and is not a breeder.  Which is quite a feat in this competitive field. 

We are very proud of Patti and team Valar for their hard work and dedication.  Ragnar is her buddy and it shows in both their daily lives and his enthusiasm in the ring. 

Ragnar brings our Treasures Champion list to 8.
          Roy, Rea, Ulan, Tihon, Demyan, Jassi, Blekki, and now "Ragnar"

Ragnar's parents are both OFFA health certified. 

Please enjoy our Photos as we celebrate this delightful boy:


Saturday, August 30, 2014

We are accepting reservation for our fall litters.   These puppies are champion bred  and 100% pure russian lines.  Each and every litter is planned to produce puppies that will meet the breed standard and with minimal white coloring.

Jassi/Willy.  Jassie is a Champion/RBIS/Multi-group winner.

Blakky/Ulan.  Blakky and Ulan are both imports.  Blakky is a Russian Champion; Ulan was shown and championed in the USA. 

These litters will produce exceptional puppies that will be ready for their new families in November.  Contact us now to reserve a baby from one of these litters. 

Enjoy the following photos of their past babies:


This is Jassi and her babies from last year (2013).  Puppies matured 6-9 lbs.  We expect equally good looking babies this year that will mature in standard size.    We will accept 3 reservations.

We expect puppies from Blakky/Ulan.  Blakky is a Russian Champion and. Ulan is American Champion.  Blakky's last litter has matured beautifully.  We expect equally beautiful puppies this year with Ulan.  Please enjoy our photos of Blakky's last litter.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Last Available Treasure

Our precious babies have almost all left for their new homes...except for this one little guy.  We call him Squeak.  He is an absolutely beautiful boy.  Great temperament, excellent coat and size.  He is 13 weeks and weighs 3#...you can expect a 7 lb adult at this rate.   Sweet sweet face!   Email  russianbolonkas@yahoo.com for more details on this little cutey patooty.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Beautiful Beaming Betty

Betty is all grown up now.  She has a super cute little face and her pigment is amazing...black button nose, coal black eyes and full eyeliner. Her coat is like silk! Adult size is about 6 lbs.   Betty was born at Treasures in 2010. 

Betty's look might seem different than other bolonka you find in the USA.  It is a look seen in Russia...follow this link to our friends in Moscow and enjoy their beautiful fawn bolonka.  Volnira in Moscow  

Our goal at treasures is to follow the russian standard; producing beautiful, healthy dogs.  We have worked hard to meet this goal...and are quite proud of the results.

Enjoy pictures of this beautiful girl.....
Treasures Betty
what a sweetie
Her coat is so nice and lays perfect along the sides of her nose.

Coat short

This is her in full coat...perfect!

and this is Baby Betty!!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Voyager litter...Janeway, Tuvok, and Neelix

On July 17, 2013 Ulan and Rea blessed us with three spectacular RUSSIAN bolonka puppies.  Two amazing boys...one coal black and the other yellow/cream and then...one even more incredible apricot girl.

The apricot coloring is exclusive to Treasures.  Earlier this year we had an entire litter of apricot and blonde with self colored noses.  This  time...in our "Voyager" litter we have the apricot coloring with BLACK pigment.   That is our little girl....Janeway.   I think her name is fitting.

We breed to the russian breed standard; our primary concern is health and temperament.  We have been blessed with the added bonus of the most unique coloring and exceptionally beautiful bolonka in the USA.

Two boys are available.  Neelix is a stunning yellow cream with black eyes/nose/lips.  Tuvok is a tiny boy...coal black with white toes.  It is possible that these boys carry the gene responsible for the coloring in this litter....only a DNA test will confirm this.

Introducing our little Voyager pups

The most intriguing, desirable, and hard to produce color.
 Apricot/Peach coat with black nose.

Jovial Neelix.  
Yellow cream with black points.

Tiny Tuvok

Monday, August 5, 2013

Homemade Doggy Chicken/Rice Dinner

I love cooking for my dogs.  I do not feed strictly homemade...but I supplement their kibble with it.   The dog food is people food...or perhaps I should say I cook for myself and share it with my dogs?  Either way...the food can be eaten by human and canine alike.  Today I made chicken/rice.

Doggy Chicken/Rice Meal

10 lbs chicken legs/thighs (with skin/bones)
1 lb carrots
1 stalk celery (not rib)
1 teaspoon salt

Cut the carrots/celery in half.  (3-4 inches long)
Add all ingredients to large stock pot.
Bring to boil.  Simmer for 90 min.

Remove chicken and vegetables from pot.

Make pan of rice (brown or white) using the chicken broth liquid.
It looked so good...I had to eat some!
Left over rice, ready for the freezer.

De-bone chicken.  Set aside bones/skin.   (sorry no picture)

For the dogs...I chop the chicken and carrots into bite size pieces, mix with cooked rice (60/40).  I add this to their dog kibble.  Freeze what is not eaten.  Thaw and feed, as needed.

For myself....I used my half of the chicken meat for chicken enchiladas

Bones/Skin - put those back into a pot, cover with water and boil for another hour.  Strain.  Use for boiling pasta, rice, oatmeal, or to moisten dog kibble.  Freeze unused broth (can use ice cubes trays) for later.
Straining broth from bones
Left over broth to freeze

Left overs..doggy dinner tomorrow.

So, folks..that is what I cooked today.   I hope you enjoyed.