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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Program and the Breed Standard

Today I want to discuss the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka breed standard, breed history, and how we have applied it to our program.   We strive to breed Bolonka true to the RUSSIAN breed standard and the only way to do this is to follow that standard closely.
With every Bolonka litter born at Bolonka Treasures we ask ourselves "which puppy most closely represents the standard and will be most suitable for betterment of the breed. " It is those dogs that we elect to use in our breeding program or make available to our co-breeders.  We also apply this selection process when bringing in Bolonka from another kennel.  This is called selecting the best of the best.  How do we do this?  Again, by referring to the Russian breed standard. 

Does this mean that all puppies born meet the standard?  Of course, not  As you will see in the following summary, a variety of base breeds were involved in developing the Russkaya Tsvetnaya Bolonka.  Understanding this alone explains  the variances in Bolonka worldwide. 

What if all we have to choose from fails to meet the standard?  Or the puppy matures out of standard?  Do we just "go with what we have?" and hope the next generation pans out.  No.  No, we do not.   Why? Because there are enough Bolonka in the world that DO and we incorporate those into our program.  

The following paragraph is taken directly from the Russian Kennel Club Breed Standard:

"BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: In originating of RUSSKAYA TSVETNAYA BOLONKA were involved the following breeds –French Bichon, Shih-tzu, Lhasa-apso. Creation of the breed started in 1951 in Leningrad. The principal breed’s attributes were small size (20-24 sm), rich one-colored coat. In 1962 there was written for the breed group “tsvetnaya bolonka” . In 1966 the standard for the “tsvetnaya bolonka”  was confirmed by Ministry of Agriculture. Active breeding work and cooperation with cynologists of Leningrad approved MGOLS the basic center of genetic work with the breed “tsvetnaya bolonka”. In 80’s as popularity of the breed grew, there were organized clubs and kennels. National Breed Club “Tsvetnaya Bolonka” was founded in 1999. "
 In 1951 the principal attributes were small size and rich one-colored coat.  20-24 cm.  20 cm translates to just over 7 inches.    You will read in a future post that, the standard height was increased to 26 inches and ideal weight specified as 3-4 kg.

The current height of the Bolonka used in the Bolonka Treasures breeding program range from 7 to 9 inches in height and weigh 5.5 to 8 lbs.   This is the low-mid range of the height/weight scale as we do not want to push the maximum size limit.  In our opinion, a large Bolonka resembles too many other breeds and the original Bolonka principal attribute is small size which is reflected in the breed name.  Russkaya Tsvetnaya Bolonka, translated is "Russian Colored Lapdog".  This breed was developed to easily fit on a lap.

In our opinion, there is no reason to incorporate a Bolonka into a breeding program that does not adhere to the high standards   Also, we do not make our selection of breeding stock based on the dogs/owner popularity, kennel name, or number of titles on the dog.  If the dog has a disqualifying trait.... we simply do not use them in our program.

Breeding is a complicated endeavor involving more than simply putting two dogs together and making puppies.  You not only have to select good mates; you have to monitor offspring produced.  Details for another day.  :-)

We hope that by educating, not only ourselves, but the public, that you will understand a little more about our program and our mission to raise the bar in the development of this breed in the United States.   Anything less is breeding strictly for the purpose of making puppies to sell.  That is not what we do.

I hope that you enjoyed this little piece of history. We will discuss some of the breed characteristics defined in the standard in a later post.  If you would like more breed history, visit our website, if you scroll the bottom of the History tab you will see a link to a document that contains a detailed timeline put together by the Russian breeder Vitaly.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Puppies, puppies, puppies...

Our fall babies are here and will be ready to start leaving for their new homes the end of October.  Visit our "available" page for photos.  Email or call for current availability.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Bolonka Bolonka Bolonka....

This has been one busy week here at Bolonka Treasures.  Our long awaited Ukranian Princess has arrived as well as a new litter of puppies....(a well planned and anticipated litter). 

First things first....our new Princess.  We call her the "Ukranian Princess". 

For several years we have been communicating with breeders carrying this line.  For one reason or another the timing wasn't quite right for us to purchase.  Well....this spring the timing was finally right.  Out of three litters from three different breeders we settled on this puppy.  Funny thing...I was planning to purchase solid black...my princess is solid brown.  Go figure.  :-). This recent import worked out perfectly for several reasons.  One is that her sister was also moving to the USA.  The problem was that the puppies if riding together would arrive in New York.  If they flew separate from the Ukraine..one would fly into New York and mine into Los Angeles.  A very stressful decision as I needed someone to trust if they flew into New York.   The owner of Ragnar offered to forward our Princess to Arizona.  We are very grateful for her help and know it was not easy for her.  It just goes to show how if you want to do something...you do, and she did.  Despite the challenges and without complaint or to seek recognition.

As many of you reading this are aware.  A war rages in Ukraine.  These puppies were purchased before this time and up until recently the breeder was living in a safe zone.  All was well until recently. Their travel to the USA was accelerated when the owner did need to flee her home after the city was attacked.   The breeder needed to send our babies or sell to another home.   The breeder needed to send our babies or sell to someone else.  The puppies were shipped to the USA from an area not in turmoil (Keiv) at the time of shipping which made me feel better.  We pray for the people of Ukraine and wish them safety.  I cannot imagine living in an area under seige.

I would like to now introduce you to our Ukrainian Princess. 

We are continually looking to improve upon our lines and believe this girl is a good addition to our program.  She is from old lines and a good match to our current residents.  She is a solid brown, her parents solid black.

Here are her parents:



Here is our princess.

Here she is home at last

She is a tiny petite girl that looks like she will mature in the same size as our other girls.   WHICH...I will start to feature introductions on my blog.  Be sure to visit often and meet the rest of our gang..

Next post...the new babies!!!! Hint (small black russian)


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Show Brag

We are pleased to announce that our very own "Treasures Ragnar at Valar" owned, shown, and loved by Patti Chiaverini in New York is currently the #1 Bolonka in the USA and ranks #5 TOP Dog of all breeds showing ICKC to date. 

This is adult dog ranking; not puppy nor junior.  Ragnar is competing against many other breeds; adult dogs and champions and most importantly he is being shown by a  non-professional owner handler that is new to the breed and is not a breeder.  Which is quite a feat in this competitive field. 

We are very proud of Patti and team Valar for their hard work and dedication.  Ragnar is her buddy and it shows in both their daily lives and his enthusiasm in the ring. 

Ragnar brings our Treasures Champion list to 8.
          Roy, Rea, Ulan, Tihon, Demyan, Jassi, Blekki, and now "Ragnar"

Ragnar's parents are both OFFA health certified. 

Please enjoy our Photos as we celebrate this delightful boy:


Saturday, August 30, 2014

We are accepting reservation for our fall litters.   These puppies are champion bred  and 100% pure russian lines.  Each and every litter is planned to produce puppies that will meet the breed standard and with minimal white coloring.

Jassi/Willy.  Jassie is a Champion/RBIS/Multi-group winner.

Blakky/Ulan.  Blakky and Ulan are both imports.  Blakky is a Russian Champion; Ulan was shown and championed in the USA. 

These litters will produce exceptional puppies that will be ready for their new families in November.  Contact us now to reserve a baby from one of these litters. 

Enjoy the following photos of their past babies:


This is Jassi and her babies from last year (2013).  Puppies matured 6-9 lbs.  We expect equally good looking babies this year that will mature in standard size.    We will accept 3 reservations.

We expect puppies from Blakky/Ulan.  Blakky is a Russian Champion and. Ulan is American Champion.  Blakky's last litter has matured beautifully.  We expect equally beautiful puppies this year with Ulan.  Please enjoy our photos of Blakky's last litter.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our Last Available Treasure

Our precious babies have almost all left for their new homes...except for this one little guy.  We call him Squeak.  He is an absolutely beautiful boy.  Great temperament, excellent coat and size.  He is 13 weeks and weighs 3#...you can expect a 7 lb adult at this rate.   Sweet sweet face!   Email  russianbolonkas@yahoo.com for more details on this little cutey patooty.